Patterns for the 21e Regiment De Infantrie
de Ligne, 1805 and 1812.

The 1805 patterns are standard sizing, and based on plates from the book "Uniformes de L'armee Francaise, De Fontenoy a' Waterloo" by Michel Petard.

1805 Gilet: $17.00

Sleeveless gilet sized to go under
the Habit-Longe.
Sizes 38-40, 42-44 & 46-48


1805 Habit-Longe: $28.00
Long tailed Habit,

Sized to go over the 1805 gilet
Sizes 38-40, 42-44 & 46-48

Linen Overalls: $12.00
Very broad, broadfall front, limited instructions printed on pattern
(not "A Stitch Out of Time" pattern)
40 waist only


Gaiters: $7.00 (not pictured)
To the knee, heel and toe inserts,
(not "A Stitch Out of Time" pattern)

Pokalem: $12.00 (above)
Two sizes, medium or large

Shako & Giberne Covers: $12.00
Canvas covers for your giberne and shako.

Leather Giberne: $7.00
This includes a pattern and several sheets of details, but not step by step directions


Havresac: $23.00
The soldiers “backpack” made of calfskin. Lined in linen, interior pocket, and pack divider of linen.

1812 patterns are standard sized and drafted
according to the Bardin Regulations

1812 Gilet: $23.00
Waist length camp jacket with sleeves
Size 38-40, 42-44, 46-48

1812 Habit-Veste: $28.00
Sized to be worn without the gilet underneath
Sizes 38-40, 42-44, 46-48

Greatcoat: $23.00
Use for both 1805 and 1812
Front skirts can be buttoned up for easier walking.
Pass through pocket slits so you can get to your stuff.
Sizes 38-40 and 42-44 in one pattern
Sizes 46-48 and 50-52 in one pattern

Bonnet de Police: $12.00
Medium or large size
This is not a sanctioned cap for all units.
The 21e in England does not allow this, but
it can be used for other units too



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