Guardia Reale Italiano

Uniform of the Guardia Reale Italiano

1805-1808 uniform

The guard grenadier uniform was very similar to the French imperial guard. The major difference being the coat color of green versus blue and the "metal" being silver against the gold of the French guard grenadiers. Below find a listing of the uniform and equipment specifics:

1. Habite veste. The coat was of dark green wool with white wool lapels. The turnbacks were of red wool and the coat was lined in white. Trim was in red. All buttons were of white metal or silver for officers. They were the same as the imperial guard. The habite-veste requires 22 small buttons and 11 large.

2. Gilet. A long sleeved vest of white wool lined in white linen. Summer would see linen used rather than wool. There were 12 white metal buttons on the front with 2 additional buttons on the cuff that were used.

3. Pantaloons. These were of white linen or white wool for winter. Drop front design is utilized.

4. Gaiters. These were above the knee. They were black for field wear and white for full dress. Buttons were white metal.

5. Epaulettes. The grenadier wore red wool epaulettes. Office were silver. There is a grenade badge on the face of the epaulette in white wool or silver for the officer.

6. Fatigue cap. This piece was in green wool with red trim and a red tassel.

7. Shirt. Of white linen or cotton.

8. Stock. Black linen worn high up the neck.

9. Turnback badges. White embroidered wool on a red base. One on each turnback (4 total).

10. Shoes. Black laced shoes of the period.

11. Bearskin. Black with copper plate silver plated for officers. Imperial eagle with two flaming grenades flanking the eagle. The upper patch is red with a white cross. Rackets are white and plume is red. The cockade is green, white, red from outer to inner circle.

12. Socks/stockings. White, gray or off white. They should come above the knee. Material is cotton.

13. Braces. White or beige canvas or heavy linen.

14. Belt buckle. Rectangle of white metal with white metal or brass flaming grenade.

15. Waist belt. Buff leather double stitched along the edges. Frog for briquet and bayonet on left hip.

16. Musket. An Xl Charleville fusil. Flashguard, frizzen cover, white or brown sling, musket tool bar-link whisk and pick.

17. Cartridge box. Black leather with brass flaming grenade on the flap.

18. Briquet. Short sword with single bow. Brass hilt and guard.

19. Havre-sac. Hide out with buff straps and keepers.

20. Sword knot. Red wool.

21. Bayonet. Standard French issue in brown or black leather scabbard.

22. Buttons. These are of a white metal or silver for officers. There are two sizes. The smaller requires 59 while the large requires 22. These buttons are used on the habite-veste, gilet and gaiters. 16 are required on each gaiter. The pattern is similar to the Imperial Guard button, which can be used if plated with a white metal or made of pewter.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the guard, or a sutler who would like to develop a connection with the unit, contact:

David M Giovannini
3 Eleanor Drive
Worchester, MA 01605