Guardia Reale Italiano

Granatieri dela Guardia Reale Italiano Recruit

In order to become a grenadier of the Guardia Reale a individual must:

1. Submit a completed formal Membership Application form.

2. Pay the annual members dues.

3. Equip oneself with the required items of uniform and equipment as detailed in the regulations of the regiment.

4. Learn the rudiments of 19th century French drill and tactics as published in the École du Soldat (1791).

5. Demonstrate good sportsmanship and proper safety procedures in handling hark powder firearms and other weapons.

6. Learn about the original Guardia Reale Italiano.

7. Participate in unit events where possible.


Membership dues are $30.00 per year. The dues include unit dues, membership in the Brigade Napoleon, and liability insurance coverage.

The full uniform and musket for a private of the Guardia Reale will cost between $1750 and $2250. This will include everything expect camp equipment. Not all items are necessary to begin re-enactment. Costs can also be reduced if the member is willing to make some of their own items.


Structure of the Granatieri della Guardia Reale is based on that of a French guard regiment. Rank and promotions are based on proven precepts of similar organizations around the world. The unit is an all volunteer organization and all members may have input into the unit, though final decisions come from Headquarters. Our ultimate objective is to have fun and teach history.


The unit strives for as accurate and authentic a portrayal as possible. Necessary materials, weapons and equipment is available. The included data includes supply lists, dress regulations and a brief history of the regiment. additional information including drill manuals and some construction methods will be made available as they are developed.


Accurate portrayals of additional people are also sought: Surgeons, drummers, support personnel and wives are accepted. The unit portrays the period from 1805-1812.

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