Infanterie Regiment Nr. 7 Baron von Schroder


At present we are having our uniforms made by John W. Allen of Allen's Lauren Hill Sutlery. The cost of the uniform elements are listed below:

Off-white (Woolrich 5100/202) wool Uniform Coat with Dark Blue (Woolrich 5100/206) facings, $150.

Off-white (Woolrich 5100/202) wool Breeches $50
Cotton/linen blend Shirt $35.
Black cotton duck gaiters, $40
Off-white wool Austrian Fatigue hat $40
Black cotton neck stock $5
Hide backpack $170
Dark gray overcoat (still under design) $170
Cartridge box , made by George Bolton with shoulder belt $110
1798 Style Helmet, made by Sergui Karrasov $375

The IR#22 Regiment based in the Czeck Republic sent me electronic versions of period line drawings showing the construction of the uniform parts.

Austrian Jacket (rear view) | Austrian Jacket (internal view showing seams) | Austrian Jacket (view showing dimensions in cm).
I also have some of the Austrian Vest, | Austrian breeches, | Austrian style shirt, | Austrian Overcoat, (outside view) and (inside view).

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