The 21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

The 21eme Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne is modeled after a French Napoleonic line infantry regiment. The period of history we re-create is from 1812-1815. During this period the 21e was an elite regiment in the first corps of the Grande Armée and served under the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The 21e regiment is made up of two co-operative companies, the original unit formed in England, the 1er Compagnie, 2e Compagne in the Low Countries and France, and the 3e Compagnie in North America, and lastly a 4e Compagnie in Australia.

The 21e is a founding member of the Napoleonic Association (NA) in England. It is also a founding member of the Grande Armée (GA), which holds re-enactment events all over France, and now the 21e is looking to continue to expand its membership base here in North America.

Past Events

21e Regt. has taken part in the 200th Anniversary celebration at Austerlitz in December 2005 and another for Jena in October 2006. There will be many more opportunites to march at future 200th Anniversary celebrations in the upcoming years. Culminating in the 200th Waterloo in 2015.


21e Régt in North America

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