21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne
Which Part of The Régiment Suits You?

There are four parts of the Régiment which you can join: The Line, or Fusiliers; the Drum Corp; the Medical Team; and the Camp Followers.

The Line is made up of men and women 14 years and older. It teaches the infantry drill, care and usage of a musket, and takes part in battle re-enactment.

The Drum Corp is made up of men and women interested in period music. Not only do you get the fancier uniform, you get to march at the head of the Régiment. The Drum Corp is a good place to start for those too young to be fusiliers.

The Medical Team provides a place for those interested in re-enactment who do not wish to drill or learn to play an instrument. You get the excitement of participating on the field without the expense involved in being a fusilier. You also get shot at and yelled at much less than the humble fusiliers.

The Camp Followers is for anyone interested in re-creating 19th century life. This is a good group to join for those interested more in "living history" than in battles.


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