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Brigade Events for 2018

April 27-29, 2018

6TH Malta Regency Weekend, Valletta, Malta
Dancing, tours, museum visits, picnics, wine tasting, elegant dinners, Balls, etc.

  Nicky Blanchi
May 9-13, 2018 Campaigne de France, Montmirail, France
"By Invitation Only"
This is a Campaign event; marching or riding for several days across the French countryside. It is the closest to the reality of the 1814 Napoleonic Campaigns that you can experience! (and the Champagne & Brie cheese are the "icing on the cake"

  Victor Eiser
May 25-27, 2018 French Azilum Napoleonic Event, NE Pensylvania (Towanda)
28 acres (south of Ithaca, NY, North West of Scranton, PA) for Cavalry & Infantry to enjoy. This historic site (1783-1803) was set up for French Emigres. Only a few of the buildings remain. Rental horses will be available for the weekend. FAQ and more info to follow!
Ken Ruddell
June 5-10, 2018 The Malta Campaign (1798-1800) Reenactment
220th anniverary of the French capture of Malta by Bonaparte on his way to the Egyptian campaign. Event will portray the main episodes and battles / skirmishes of the 2-year French presence in Malta, the Maltese rebellion and the British intervention. Due to budget restrictions it is only possible to accept 400 participants. Apart from Republican French and British troops, we also welcome other armed men who can fight as militia of the Order of St. John and Maltese rebel militia
Martin Degiorgio
June 8-10, 2018 2018 Brigade Napoleon Grand Tactique
The Brigade Napoleon is again holding its Grand Tactical in Canada; this time at Fort George National
Historic Site, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
Registration: The Brigade Napoleon Grand Tactical (English)
The Brigade Napoleon Grand Tactical (French)
    Chris McKay
June 15-17, 2018 REGENCY WEEKEND
Located in Keszthely HUNGARY, the program is events are
Friday: Dance workshop in the Palace Dinner with wine tasting & guided visit of the Palace, champagne in the library
aturday morning: Horse show in the park of the Palace, carriage rides
Saturday afternoon: Afternoon tea in the Venetian Mirror Room with baroque concert (dress code 1750-1820 day attire)
Saturday evening: Georgian/Regency ball with dinner in the Mirror Room of the Palace (dress code 1750-1820 evening dress)
Sunday: No set programme but many suggestions as to what to visit in the area (a possible boat ride on lake Balaton is under negotiation)
    Zsuzi Dingsdale
Aug 18, 2018 19th C Day in honor of Napoleon's 249th birthday
Enjoy an elegant 19th Century Day at the Stewart Museum, Montreal Canada, to celebrate the 249th birthday of Napoleon.
Sunday Aug 18th 2017 10:00 - 16:30
Soldiers, sophisticated ladies, elegant gentlemen & children, preferably in 19th century attire. bring your picnic lunch. Activities to include military drill, fencing demo, strolling and casual chatting in elegant 19th century surroundings, plus such delights as dancing and 19th century lawn games. We will serve Champagne & cake at the end of the day. In case of rain, the event will switch to Sunday august 19th.
Please R.S.V.P by June 1st
      Victor Eiser
Sept 14-16, 2018
Old Bedford Village, PA

      Iain Burns
Sept 28-30, 2018 Napoleonic Historical Conference Williamsburg VA.       Todd Fisher
Oct 19-21, 2018 Master and Commander Weekend, Toronto Ontario       Karen Millyard
Oct 26-28, 2018 Anza Napoleonic Reenactment Event
Anza, CA
Anza, CA
Info Lisa Matthews
Nov 23-25, 2018 210th Battle of Tudela, Spain. Contacts and more info TBD      
Nov 30-Dec 2, 2018 205th Battle of Samosierra, Spain. Contacts and more info TBD      
Nov 30-Dec 2, 2018 212th Battle of Austerlitz, Czech Republic       Victor Eiser

This is the up-coming Brigade Napoleon schedule as of Jan 2018. If you are interested in any of the above events, please contact the given contact to express your interest. If you know of any other events that the Brigade Napoléon might be interested in attending, please contact us

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