Years of Napoleon



June 18-19, 2016



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Spencer Park

603 N Appleton Road

Belvidere IL 61008


603 N Appleton Road

Belvidere IL 61008

Type of Event:


YoN is a narrow Time-line, 1775-1815 encampment.

Open to those reenacting civilian or military, with educational demos



Who is invited:


We have and are looking for: Military, Civilians, Blacksmiths, Artisans, Period Musicians, Arms Merchants, Weavers, Native Americans, Interactive Quarters, Fur Traders and Tinkers.


All Napoleonic, War of 1812, Am Rev War reenactors are invited.


The period covers both Europe and the Americas, to celebrate the effects that Napoleon had on both the Old and the New World.



Cavalry Friendly?


Horses are allowed. If you need to rent, contact Dave St Germain.



Family Friendly?


We are a family friendly event, but period dress is required for

those staying in camp.





This event is a celebration of military and civilian culture. Period weapons demos,  Artisan demos, 19th century games, blacksmiths and more



No meals are provided.  Cooking in camp is encouraged. Firewood will be provided.  Food Vendors will be available.  There are plenty of restaurants in the area.





Period tents for camping or you may build your own abris. There are a few motels nearby.

Straw, Water, Wood:

Firewood provided, potable water, straw bales, bathrooms, water for horses  -

YES to all



Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Bring musket and approx 50 cartridges, battles will depend on number of military in attendance, but we would like to schedule firing demos. Powder is not provided.

Can we cross Sabers and Bayonets - Yes, as long as it is agreed upon in advance with all parties involved.




Music, dancing, singing, bring your period musical instrument, performances, demos, dance instructions provided, gambling, games, contests of skill, etc


All of these are encouraged and welcome. If you have the skill and know how and are willing to share, let me know and we can include it in the schedule.



Special Preparations:

Please use our online Registration at;

Closest Airport:


O’Hare International Airport - ORD

Fees or Stipends:


No fees for participants, no stipends available.



Contact Info:


For more Information regarding this event, please contact:

Irene Klapper