Brigade Napoleon event at Old Bedford Village



Sept  1st-3rd 2017


Last Update:

July 3   2017




Old Bedford Village

220 Sawblade Rd.

Bedford, Pa. 15522


Type of Event:

Tactical and encampment, with scenarios  and an evening dance.


Who is invited:

Any Napoleonic era unit portraying the period from 1793 to 1815. War of 1812 British units are welcome to attend.


Cavalry Friendly?

Horses are allowed, any mounts should be coordinated with the French Cavalry, and rental horses are available. Please contact Josˇ Torres-Ramirez if you need a rental horse. Refer to Josˇ with any questions regarding the handling of horses at this event.


Family Friendly?

Civilian impressions (Men, Women, and Children) are most welcome.



There will be tactical events on Sat. and Sun. and re-enactor and civilian impressions are encouraged to engage with the public. Schedule will be added as soon as it becomes available.

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Each unit should plan on cooking their own food.




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All re-enactors will be housed in houses within the village of Old Bedford. If any special accommodations are needed, or a unit is opting for tents, please contact Ken Hall in advance.  There are also several motels located nearby.


Straw, Water, Wood:

Water for horses is available. Modern bathrooms are on-site for re-enactors.


Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Re-enactors must provide their own cartridges. A supply of 30 to 40 cartridges per man should be enough for the weekend.  If you are coming by airplane, please arrange for us to prepare the cartridges for you.

Sabres maybe crossed w/ prior choreography.



Period musical instruments are most welcome. We are planning to hold a dance on Saturday night..


Special Preparations:



Closest Airport:

Philadelphia PA (PHL) or Pittsburgh PA (PIT)

Fees or Stipends:

There is no fee to attend, nor are any stipends available.  The only costs will be for your food and black powder.


Contact Info:


Ken Hall   or   Iain  Burns