Golfe Juan – Laffrey – Grenoble


Bicentenary of the Route Napoleon

Dans les Pas de l'Empereur

Entre Golfe Juan et Grenoble


February 27 – March 8 2015


Last Update:

November 11 2014




Type of Event:

To all my friends in the Imperial guard and the Etat Major... 2015 is the last year of the bicentennial events, and it will begin with the escape from Elba, followed by this march from Golfe-Juan to Grenoble.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of Imperial History! 200 miles in 6 days!


Who is invited:

All members of the Imperial Guard and the Etat Major


Cavalry Friendly?

Sorry no, this will be an iInfantry Only event


Family Friendly?

No, it will be too tough for children or women



plan on walking in relays from 15 to 25 kilometers a day.

All expenses for this journey, are the responsibility of the participants.

Knowing that some may have problems along the route, we will have a support vehicle ...

In order to get from the starting point to the meeting point for each relay,

but also to carry our equipment, and to provide assistance , we will have a minivan.


In this way we can always have some team marching along the route, covering the entire length from golfe-Juan to Grenoble… but no individual will have to walk the entire 320 km unless they want to!







Food will also be at our expense



Either B&B’s along the route, or “town Halls”


Straw, Water, Wood:



Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Bring musket sabre, black powder will be provided if needed en route. The emperor hopes that no shots will need to be fired!



Only the pleasure of our company on this unique experience.


Special Preparations:

Prepare for cold weather.  Redingotes or Capots will be will gloves and a scarf.  During the march, you are to wear proper hiking boots due to the long distance and mountainous terrain.


Closest Airport:

Fly Paris and trasnsfer to Nice,  on the way home fly out of Lyon to Paris France.


Fees or Stipends:

Payment of a 300 Euro deposit is expected with the registration form


Contact Info:

For more Information regarding this event, please contact: Philippe BEZANGER

3 Rue des Rameaudes


06 87 36 01 18