Brownsville Napoleonic Campaign




November 8-10 2013


Last Update:




New York Flat Road, Brownsville CA

Happily, there is no cell service at this location so please have your directions printed prior to travel to the event site.


Type of Event:

Non-Public, period encampment with tactical battles. The emphasis will be on a campaign or tactical style event.


Who is invited:

All members of Brigade Napoleon are welcome as are any reenactors from close time periods.  All combatants and riders must have Brigade Napoleon membership for insurance purposes. Payment can be taken onsite for new recruits but if you plan on attending please make sure your membership is paid up.


Cavalry Friendly?

Yes. However, there are no arrangements being made for feed or rentals. Please contact John Kalleen before bringing your animals.


Family Friendly?

Yes. All participants must be in period attire during Campaign Hours… including night time. No exceptions!




The 54eme de Ligne will host a fall encampment and tactical event at a beautiful, secluded site north of Sacramento. The site is owned by a logging company and is home to Sierra Muzzle Loaders, a mountain man rendezvous club, and is a lovely mix of pine forests, open fields and willowed streams.

This will be a general Napoleonic event and all impressions from 1793-1815 are welcome. We would also like to welcome reenactors of other eras close to the time frame that may be interested in the period.


Schedule of events:

Fri. Nov. 7th Setup- You have 30 minutes to unload your vehicle and move it out of camp. Others, please lend a hand unloading.

Sat. Nov. 8th

·      7am. Beginning of Campaign Hours. No vehicles in camp until Sunday at noon with the exception of medical emergencies.

·      8am. Briefing event guidelines for all participants.

·      11am. First skirmish

·      1pm. Second skirmish

·      3pm. Afternoon Tea

·      5pm. Evening Skirmish

Sun. Nov. 9th

·      10am. Skirmish

·      12pm, End of Campaign Hours, Strike Camps





There is no official meal plan provided with registration; there will be a communal cooking area for all those who wish to participate. Please bring food for yourself and something to put in ‘le soupe’. Individuals should make arrangements with their hosting units. Please be prepared to cook over an open fire as there is no power source on site. We are allowed to dig in-ground fire pits as long as there has been rain. There is a grocery store a 15 minute drive from the event site should you need to resupply. There is an excellent natural spring onsite but please bring some of your own water just in case.



The main camp site will be for period tents and bivouacs ONLY. There is period loaner tentage available for those needing accommodations. Please contact John Kalleen prior to the event! There will also be an area near general parking for trailers, campers and modern tents. This area is out of site of the main camp and quite a walk! There are no RV hookups of any sort. There is one motel in Brownsville: the aptly named Brownsville Motel.  Other hotels in the area are in Marysville.


Straw, Water, Wood:

Firewood, potable water, straw bales, bathrooms will be available and covered by the site fee.


Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Bring musket and approximately 100 cartridges. For those flying in, powder can be made available by locals. Please let John Kalleen know if you need this.



We have plenty of singers and would love some accompaniment with instruments! There is little doubt that there will be dice and card play late into the evening.


Special Preparations:

Please be aware that weather at this time of year at this site could be unpredictable and nights will be cold. I say again, it will cold. Please be prepared for cold and rain.


Closest Airport:

The closest large airport is Sacramento (SMF).


Fees or Stipends:

There are not registration fees for Brownsville. However, you will be required to sign a the waiver form to participate in the event.


Contact Info:

For further information regarding this event, or to register, please contact:

John Kalleen,


54eme de Ligne

“Grenadier Mecanique”


3420 Montazuma Cir

Sacramento, CA 95826