Battle of Austerlitz

210th anniversary


December 4 -6 2015


Last Update:

July 14 2015



Tvarozna, Czech Republic

Type of Event:

Bicentennial recreation of the Battle, Period encampment, ceremonial presentations, expect 2000 reenactors


Who is invited:

All Napoleonic era French , Austrian, or Rrussian units, Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.


Cavalry Friendly?

Yes Cavalry are invited.  NB you will need to arrange for your own rental horse & kit.


Family Friendly?

no children please



Commemorative event dedicated to the Napoleonic history in Central Europe will be held on the Austerlitz battlefield. Saturday battle re-enactment under the Santon Hill (14:00) and on Sunday with the piety act at the Peace Monument, the place of the hardest fight of the battle of Austerlitz (12:00).


Most meals will be providedÉ or eat in the local restaurants



Accommodation provided in local schools etc or  try to reserve nearby B&BŐs or motels,


Straw, Water, Wood:



Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Bring musket and papers for rolling  100 cartridges, Black powder will be supplied. We will cross Sabres and Bayonets as safely as possible.



Evening tavern, , etc



COŐs must send in reg form by Aug 10 2015

Click here for Registration Form (word doc)

Closest Airport:

I suggest you fly into Prague, then take the train or drive to the event (apx2-3 hrs)

Fees or Stipends:

A modest payment will be paid to each reenactor by the organizers


Contact Info:

For more Information regarding this event, please contact: Jakub Samek