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Napoleon’s  Peninsular Campaign




May 5-May 7, 2017


Last Update:

May 24, 2016



The event is held on 25 acres of privately held land which is about 30 miles east of Temecula, CA.  This is a private event and pre-registration is required.

From San Diego:  North on I-15.  East on Hwy 79.  North on Hwy 371.

From Los Angeles: East on I-10.  South on I-15.  East on Hwy 79.  North on Hwy 371.



Type of Event:

Bivouac/Encampment with full battle component. This event is for Re-enactors only – there will be no spectators. 


Who is invited:

Soldiers and ladies of all Napoleonic armies and Spanish Irregulars/Civilians that participated in the Spanish Campaign are welcome.  All participants are REQUIRED to dress in period clothing or uniform.


Cavalry Friendly?

Horses are allowed.  Please contact event coordinator, Lisa Matthews for more information.  Rentals are not available at this time. Please confer with your unit commander if you will be bringing a horse and require special parking and tentage allotments. 


Family Friendly?

Spouses and children are welcome.  This is a private event, modern clothing and visitors are discouraged.  Check with your unit leaders for loaner gear and clothing.



 Our timeline is 1807-1814, Peninsula Wars in Spain and Portugal... somewhere near Ciudad Rodrigo...(As mentioned in Baron de Marbot's memoirs.)  There were troops (individuals and small units) from all over Europe in this region fighting for the Allies or the French (Bavarians, Saxons, Moroccans, Russians, Turks, Prussians, Greeks, Poles, Lithuanians, Austrians, Swedes, Irish, etc.) There were numerous guerilla civilian and militia troops as well as main line combatants.   Appreciate the magnificent scenery of Spain as you enjoy 3-4 battles on Saturday and 1-2 battles on Sunday.  Afternoon activities include the Colonel’s tea for ladies and officers on Saturday.  Evening activities include period gambling, drinking, dancing, singing and general mayhem in the Cantina.

Click here to watch a video


The event organizers will provide a pre-paid meal plan for all participants who wish to eat at the Cantina at a cost of $30 for 5 meals.  Units and individuals not choosing the meal plan should plan to bring their own food.  Camp fires are not permitted due to high fire dangers, but each camp (one French, one British) will be permitted a designated fire-pit for cooking as permitted by the local and on-site fire marshal.  The surrounding Anza offers limited dining choices.



Unit leaders will design period camps. A modern camping area will be designated in the east meadow. This is a remote area with limited lodging choices available in the area.  Nearest hotels can be found in Temecula, Hemet, Idyllwild, or Palm Desert.  All off-site accommodations are at least 30-60 minutes from the event site. 

Click here for list of hotels

Straw, Water, Wood:

Potable water and toilet facilities are available.  Showers are not available.  Firewood and straw bales are not provided.


Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Weapons and powder are not provided, but powder can be made available for a fee.  Units are to plan their own cartridges and distribute them accordingly. Contact the event coordinator for information. No edged weapons shall be carried unsheathed or in fixed position except as scripted or by order of senior officers. Pikes, halberds, standard points, picquets on duty between battles, and officers’ or cavalry’s swords carried as per regulation are accepted. No firearms in camps shall have bayonets fixed except when “piled” by regulation. Subject to the Commander’s decisions: “There shall be no unrehearsed hand to hand combat simulations. There shall be no bodily or weapon combat contact between opposing forces or individuals. Rehearsed hand to hand is subject to approval by the Senior Commanding officers of BOTH sides. Combatants must stay a minimum of 3 feet apart.” Contact and hits will be mimed. There shall be no thrown objects, projectiles, or grenades. All combat will immediately cease at the shout of “SAFETY” or “EMERGENCY” (i.e.; injured person, loose horse, fire, etc.) No firing or attacking within encampments, horse stables or lines, or in woods or brush.



There will be an Afternoon Tea for ladies and gentlemen in Benton Hall.  In the evening,  Period music, singing, dancing, gambling and drinking occur in the cantina. 


Special Preparations:

WEATHER: It gets cold at night, BRING EXTRA BLANKETS!!!!! It is 5000 foot altitude which can potentially mean a difference of 10 degrees cooler per 1000 feet.  In May, daytime temperatures can range from 50-80 degrees, while evenings can drop as low a 20-50 degrees.  Snow is possible, but unlikely.  DUE TO HIGH FIRE DANGER INDIVIDUAL CAMP FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Wild Animal Warning: Be aware that this is a wildlife area.  Mountain lions/bobcats, bears, coyotes, and rattlesnakes have been spotted in the area before.  Do not wander off the marked trails. As soon as the firing starts, the chances of predatory animals being anywhere near the area is extremely remote. However, avoid going off alone early morning hours and twilight. Children should stay near camp and not wander off on the nature trails. In the unlikely event you should encounter a mountain lion/bobcat, don’t run away; their instinct is to chase. Make noise and big motions and slowly retreat; the mountain lion will likely go the other way. Bears are known to be in the area. While not known for attacking people, the same rules for mountain lions apply. The main hazard will be the presence of food at the campsite and in cars, but with no reported sightings and the mass of noisy people in the area, it is unlikely bears will be anywhere nearby. Coyotes aren’t known to attack people, in fact, tend to shy away from people altogether, but children should not try to pet or feed the ‘nice doggy’ as they are known to bite. Aside from that, food in camp will be a major draw for coyotes in the area which are used to handouts. Make sure food is in a coyote proof container and not just lying about in your tent, or you might draw in all sorts of critters. The main hazard animal-wise is RATTLESNAKES. Be very careful picking up rocks and especially logs and boards since they find this a nice place to hang out under and are extremely perturbed if abruptly uncovered. When it is hot they like to cool themselves in the shade of bushes, so be careful going through the brush. If caught out in the open the snake will try to get away—let it. Do not kill any snakes; they are needed for pest control. If a rattlesnake is discovered, alert people nearby to its presence and keep children away.

Fires:  This is a high fire danger area.



Closest Airport:

Closest airport connections:  Palm Springs (PSP), Ontario, CA (ONT); San Diego (SAN);  John Wayne/Orange County, CA (SNA); Los Angeles (LAX)



Fees or Stipends:

The registration fee for this event is $25 pre-paid, or $30 on site per person.  The meal plan fee is $30 pre-paid, or $35 on site per person. 


Contact Info:

Need more information?  Contact

Lisa Matthews