Military Thru the Ages - Mid West



October 1st -2nd


Last Update:




Cantigny Park

1S151 Winfield Rd, Wheaton IL 60189

Link to Cantigny Park Website

Type of Event:

Time-line event


Who is invited:

All Napoleonic


Cavalry Friendly?

Bring your own horse. We will need to know ahead of time how many to expect, so include that is your registration. IF we have very wet weather the week before, we may need to cancel the horses, but we will plan on that NOT being the case.


Family Friendly?




Cantigny Park's brand new timeline event! It will be held over the weekend of October 1&2 and all time periods from ancient through 1999 are invited to participate.



Food, plan on your own, there are the usual fast food places VERY close, camp fires are allowed as long as you respect the usual rules, only what you need, replace sod etc



Period tents


Straw, Water, Wood:

Wood will be provided

Straw and water still working out


Weapons, Powder, etc.:

Bring musket and apx # cartridges, no powder provided or available nearby.  no 'battle' or 'skirmish' this year....(but if everything goes great, we are hoping the park will allow us to do it next year)



We are planning a Saturday social, hosted by the steering committee


Special Preparations:

Stuff like drill, immersion scenarios, etc. that is up to each unit to decide upon.


Closest Airport:

O’hare International Airport

10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago IL

Name of airport, location, and 3 letter designation


Fees or Stipends:

Attendance is free


Contact Info:

Grant Kohler (BN contact)


Annie (event contact)

Grant Kohler