1e Hussards


Welcome to the 1e Régiment de Hussards de Napoléon.   We are part of the Brigade Napoléon and strive to accurately and historically recreate the uniform, military life and tactics of this historic regiment as they existed between 1800 and 1815. 

One of the most curious and flamboyant French Army formations ever to take the field has to be, without a doubt, the Hussards.  The hussard epitomizes elegance.   The uniform of the 1e Hussard is a deep sky blue with red and is breathtaking.


 We are a family based unit and encourage the wives and children of our members to attend as well.   The non-combatants provide an essential role to the cavalry and provide cheerful faces around the campfire in the evening.


History of the 1e Hussards

Timeline of the 1e Hussards


For information about the 1e Hussards in North America, contact the commanding officer:

1e Régiment de Hussard, 1er Escadron

Maréchal de Logis Chef, Steve Iorio
991 Swayze Avenue
Washington Crossing, PA 18977
e-mail to: s10r10@bellatlantic.net



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