Timeline of the 1e Régiment de Hussards



Hussards Royaux raised in Strasbourg by the Baron Kronenburg.


Raised in Turkey by Colonel Ladislaw Bercheny and later became known as Bercheny's Hussars; the first of the six senior or ancient Hussard regiments.  The regiment was comprised of men from the German/French border area of Alcase and Lorraine and consequently all orders were spoken in German.


Became known as the First Régiment of Hussards.


Part of the Army of the Ardennes.


Served in Italy and on the French frontier.   The First Hussards were present at the battle of Castiglione and at the battle of Marengo as part of the 5th Brigade totally 120 horses under General Duvignaud.


With the Grand Armée at Jena (one squadron served as the Emperor's body guard), Eylau, Friedland and Heilsberg.


With the Armée d'Espagna and du Portugal at Braga, Santilo, Sabugal and Monasterio.  Part of the Franchisi Division in Spain and Portugal.


The First (Elite) Squadron served with the Grand Armée of Germany at Juterbock, Leipzig and Hannau 3rd cavalry corps, Colonel Clary commanding.


With the Armée d'Italie.


With the Grande Armée du Norde as part of the Grande Cavalry Reserve under Marshal Grouchy, 1st cavalry corps, Count Pajol commanding, 4th division, Lt. General Soult  commanding, 1st brigade, General de Brigade Clary commanding.   The regiment was also engaged at Namur.   Disbanded in the latter part of that year under the Empire and reactivated as Hussars de Jura.


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